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The purpose of the medicine wheel is to connect others to Mother Earth, their higher self, and Great Creator, teaching humanity how to come into right relation with all life as sacred. Yahira Lobos will teach you how to build medicine wheels and facilitate your own sacred ceremonies. 

Teach individuals in the use of Crystals to aid in healing thyself and connect to the earths crystalline grid, to empower and inspire their life mission and purpose.

Deep-diving readings to find your true life purpose, to assist with being connected to your guides, to help them map out your life. 40+ decks (Oracles) to select from. 

Conscious intentional guided meditation. Connects your heart body and mind, and connects you to your guides and source. Allows Yahira Lobos to listen to your guides and relay messages of affirmation and healing.

C R Y S T A L  N A T I O N S  C O L L E C T I V E

Crystal Nations Collective (CNC) was originally founded to assist youth, children and families that were suffering from mental and emotional instabilities/illness' , addiction, all forms of abuse that resulted in being seperated from our families, culture and Source.

 Yahira Lobos traveled North America searching for solutions to heal starting in 2012 after she experienced being brutally beaten by a broken system  .

Yahira's wake up call came after suffering 40 years on this Planet as a abused , unstable, broken woman whose life collapsed.

Yahira followed the voice of God leading her to travel North America volunteering for Transformational Music Art & Festivals.

The youth opened Yahira's heart to find solutions that would not require Pharmaceutical Drugs.

         We are here to break the stigmas associated with mental illness and raise consciousness and awareness around the trauma that has been passed down in our ancestral lineages. As we heal ourselves we are returning back to our natural birthright connected to Creator Source, and Mother Earth.

We are healing on the Hero's journey and we are possible with the right tools, support and education.

It takes time too heal, so patience is needed.

      We are here to birth Crystal Nations as a New Earth Sustainable business that teach's the responsibility of sourcing these natural minerals from the Earth consciously and with reverence to all that is Sacred. 

We utilize and build Medicine Wheels to come into direct connection with Source, Mother Earth, each other and our hearts, giving each Human Being a voice to end human suffering and to birth the New Earth.

We give thanks to Creator, Mother Earth, our Ancestors as we call in the 7 Directions in Ceremony : East, South, West, North, Below, Above and Within.

We offer our prayers to unify all Beings back to the Sacred Circle, all colors, creeds, religions and generations.

We pray for Global issues at hand and we pray for World Peace.

We travel North America building these Medicine Wheels with Crystals and stones we rock hound consciously with no tools.

We have tools and resources that we share with the Collective to assist anyone with any imbalances, loss, grief, trauma or pain.

We are Holistic and we do not try to take the place of Traditional Medicine .

We are not Medical Doctors and do not claim to be in place of Western or otherwise medicine.

Crystal Nations teach's Radical responsibility for ones health, wealth and Being.

We are responsible to research what is best for our own health.

We embrace natural remedies and we have been researching different healing modalities to see what works in Mental Health. 

We hope to be part of the solution for Mental Health Reformation in our Behavioral Health Systems, offering relief and resources to those who suffer.

Find us at Transformational Music and Art Festivals where we bring education and services to the People.

As Advocates , we are also Activists in care taking Mother Earth and raising awareness about our Divine connection to her and all her resources

Our work


Yahira Lobos is the Visionary behind Crystal Nations Collection CNC)


The mission is to facilitate the birth of Healing Centers around the world where gemstone and minerals are mined to assist those that are on the path to heal thyself and come back into natural wholesome wellness and being after being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and PTSD

As a survivor of all human suffering, Yahira started to have visions when her dad lost custody of her in 1986 to a Drug Rehabilitation Center.

She had her first vision of what is to come in 1987 while institutionalized.

Great Creator told her she would be 50 years old before she could birth her own Intentional /Non Profit organization to assist youth just like her, and that is this year for her as she celebrated her 50th in October.

Yahira knew there was a better way to reform our blessed youth to sobriety and has been co creating with the divine a blueprint to implement here in Arizona.

Yahira became a product of the very suffering, youth go through when they are torn from their homes to be institutionalized by humans who did not have the solutions to the youths problems.

Yahira was led to move around her life learning about human suffering by taking it all on.

Yahira studied many differnt modalities of healing and realized her gift was her voice carrying the transmissions of light , codes and wisdom that is deep within .

Finally at age 40, she got sober in 2012 after a huge wake up call and has been traveling around North America co creating events to raise awareness, and facilitating Ceremony to connect our youth to their higher selves, to Source, and to Mother Earth.

As a weaver for the New Earth, Yahira has a gift to bring others together of like mind, to raise consciousness, heal thyself and care take our Planet Earth.

Crystal Nations will create Sacred space for children, youth and families by building Medicine Rainbow Wheels around the globe to unify all colors, creeds, beings back to the sacred one heart and building community through New Earth Events that are transformational and healing for humanity and our blessed Earth.

It is Yahira's mission to bring in the " light codes" for the Planet as the Collective travels around the Globe bringing our medicines and ceremony to the people, by the people cause we are the people. 

Yahira has a network of artists, musicians, healers, builders, innovators, sacred earth activists, spiritual leaders, facilitators, movers and shakers, teachers, and facilitators of ceremony, to bring healing, earth solutions and wisdom to each individual who is or was on the Heroes Journey to heal thyself, for the next 7 generations.

Yahira has received a gift of vision since a child. After losing her mother at a early age, Yahira became a natural at knowing, reading others energy, having dreams and visions starting at 12 years of age.

Originally from New York , born of 2 parents whose parents spoke Spanish and Italian originally , Yahira was raised amongst many cultures and religions at a early age.

Yahira survived many abuses: abandonment, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse and spiritual abuse which led to leading a very unhealthy life style, drug addiction, low self esteem, obesity, homelessness, near life deaths, poverty, mental illness and being ostracized.

In 2012, Yahira had a wake up call after trying to play both sides of light and dark.

Yahira had a on and off again addiction with drugs and alcohol which also led to abusive relationships that created a vicious cycle of victim mentality.

At age 40, Yahira choose to live and be of service to the light, to Great Creator, Source, Divine Father to assist all humanity on Earth to end Human suffering and birth a " New Earth" where we as humans could live and express our greatest gifts , love and energy. 

After being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and PTSD in 2013, Yahira became a Peer Advocate for the Mentally ill and told her life story for NAM ( National Alliance for Mental Illness) in Santa Fe at the Lensic for a production called Minds Interrupted.

Yahira Lobos shares how her life was affected by this instability and trauma and to raise awareness and break stigmas associated with Mental Illness.

Yahira has a gift to assist others with her gift to tap into anthers akashic records, their Hearts and souls to give information to them on their behalf to move forward, heal, transform, manifest, what ever is needed.

Yahira is part of a Global movement that is all over the world, creating new sustainable business's, healthy intentional communities, Healing Events and retreats to bring humanity back into the heart, connected to Mother Earth to create harmony for all life.

We are fulfilling the Rainbow prophecy where we unify all Beings back to the sacred Heart.

Like wolf, Yahira Lobos is creating a new pathway for her people.

Stepping into her Mastery like wolf to be sacred Earth Activist and Protector of our human family,



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