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Heart Threading

Heart Thread Meditation is a tool used to connect people, no matter what religion, to their heart and directly to Source.

This is a guided meditation to allow Yahira Lobos to receive channeled messages from Source and your guides, directly.

Heart Thread is a meditation experience where the client is brought into a chamber of silence and sound where they will connect with their heart.

Allows client to connect with their guides, ancestors, and/or ascended masters/Angels here to assist and guide them through life.

Yahira Lobos is trained in Reiki and will use energy to scan your body during the meditation process to bring in messages from the heart. As she receives messages for the client, she will state clearly the message and will have client repeat it out loud.

It is in the vibration of one's own voice as they repeat the message where the healing and magic begins. 

This is a very powerful process unique to each individual, allowing one to slow down and feel inside their body. Allows the release of blockages and that which is hidden, to move forward with clarity, joy, peace and healing in the body.

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