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Medicine Wheels

The Foundation of Crystal Nations Collective, and its core purpose, is the Medicine Wheel


The Medicine Wheel is an ancient symbol that is universally found on every continent and in every culture. it is really important to state that in 2018, the youth who showed up in Taos, NM, birthed what is now known as the Rainbow Medicine Wheel.

The Rainbow Medicine Wheel unify's all colors, creeds, religions, generations and Beings back to the Sacred Circle, back to our Sacred Hearts to pray for World peace and heal.

We call in the 7 directions with our guides and ancestors.

~North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Within~

We are honoring Mother Earth as a live being who provides all resources for us to live here sustainably on the planet.

We are connecting to the Source, Great Creator, God, to pray for ourselves for our families, friends, communities and global causes.

As we honor, bless and pray for each other, and this earth, we allow ourselves to connect with the Divine. We are expressing our full love for Mother Earth, our connection to the Earth and all of humanity, and her creatures. 

We give thanks to the Water, Earth, Air and Fire that provide life for us all. As we come together in the Sacred Circle each voice is honored and heard. We learn to listen and cooperate with one another, inviting in global peace.  

Crystal Nations Collective will be building Medicine Wheels around the globe. We will offer to teach others how to build and facilitate ceremony from the sacred heart.

We will teach others how to come into the sacred ceremony and teach protocols of how to honor the land , ancestors and community.


CNC will rock hound around the US consciously collecting stones without tools.

These stones will be used to build medicine wheels around the globe. CNC seeks to raise consciousness and awareness about minerals and resources that we use every day, and teaching others how to revere these minerals as sacred.

As CNC builds these medicine wheels, they will also offer a variety of classes:

Healing Circles

Group Heart Thread

Sunrise and Sunset Ceremonies

Equinox and Solstice Ceremony

Honoring Seasons: to assist humanity to receive healing from the seasons.

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Medicine Wheel in Action.jpg
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