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Tarot Readings

In 1995, I had a dream where I was visited by my Guide who offered me a Tarot Deck and said, " Here, use these, they will help you and your friends."

That very morning I was at a friends house when he offered me The Tarot Of the Witches Deck from Salem Mass. I got chills all over my body and just knew.

I work with Great Creator and have a Medicine Wheel on my property that I offer prayers for all my clients with each Reading.

 I start each Reading with a prayer,  connection to Source and I call in your Benefic Guides.  

I have over 30 Oracle Decks to choose from.

I do not record your sessions but I recommend having a pen and paper to take notes as I will share tools, resources that I have for you. I will also share tips on how to bring oneself into optimum healing: Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically.

I love being the Hollow bone in my Readings.

I can answer questions or do a special layout that will give you insight to work, love or family.

Many I have read for that take the guidance move forward quickly. I offer light codes that serve as blue prints for you to create the liufe you will love.

If you are stuck, being challenged, lost or suffering, I got you.

I know how to get out of hell, been there myself.

I can empower you to have the courage or strength if you feel disempowered.

Ive had clients crush demons after we have a session.

I can teach you through my own experiences and wisdom I have been blessed with.

I have 10 years of sobriety under my belt and the last 109 years has been a road to building a New Earth.

I am connected to many that are part of te movement of creating heaven on Earth.

If you need a lift, book today!

I am a hollow bone for New Earth Visionaries!

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